• Status of my Order

You will recieve updated emails regarding your order

Please refrain from sending us an email inquiring about the status of your Hindernis order if it is still within the lead time period.

• Lead Time not Rush Time

Orders are handled on a first come first serve basis.

Lead Times are in place to make things fair across the board.

• I want a different colour or style holster/clip

If it isn’t on our website we do not offer it.

• Holster Wear

Any Holster will wear the finish of the firearm

• Light Bearing Holster

Light Bearing Holster will not work if the Light is removed from the Firearm, the light needs to be attached for it to retain the weapon inside the Holster. When purchasing a holster with a weapon light attached the pocket no longer exists due to the channel created for the light.

• Shipping and Tracking confirmation when my order ships

Once your order ships an email is sent with a shipping and WAYBILL Number notification

Hindernis is a brand that gives everyday carry a new meaning specializing in providing high quality products with solid performance for real world use

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